1) marketing professional2) technology enthusiast, smartphone surgically attached to hand 3) photographer, creative, loves design, crosswords & furry animals

Little bit on me: Things I love...

  • Food. I LOVE food and I love to cook [Thai, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Nouveau Cuisine, McD's fries with vanilla ice cream, my list continues]
  • Music [RnB, Pop, some alternative, hiphop, opera, drum and bass, classical]
  • Arts [theatre, pop art, exhibits, cultural stuff]
  • Gadgets [Computers, cameras, smartphones, tablets]
  • Crosswords
  • Photography
  • Playing sports [tennis, golf, skiing, v-ball, swimming, squash, rollerblading but I hate skating]
  • My job
  • My sisters
  • My dog
  • Travelling
  • Love to dance [Secret Alone Time Behaviour... turning up my music and dancing around my room]

What other random things can I tell you? I eat almost everything with a spoon, I'm pretty happy go-lucky, ambitious, definitely always on the go... never a dull moment in my life.