I watched the movie Her last night and I had so many conflicting feelings. I thought it was cool, scary and sad all at the same time. (warning: potential spoilers)

  • My early adopter, can't-wait-for-the-future side thinks It's such a cool idea! I'd be so efficient lol.
  • It was unsettling that someone can look through my whole life (that quickly no less) and know what makes me tick.
  • The hopeless romantic in me was sad that he found that kind of love and couldn't be with her.

Other thoughts. It was interesting:

  • how socially acceptable it became to date your OS. I parallel it with online dating and how the stigma of that has significantly reduced in the last few years.
  • that there's a service to write heartfelt letters juxtaposed against this quiet world where everyone is talking to their technology instead of each other... maybe it was commentary that while the world is growing further and further apart because of technology, there's this human need to feel connected.
  • the story line around the surrogate. In the movie it was unpaid work, but I imagine that it's highly plausible that that could be a profession in the future. I found it beautiful that the surrogate believed in their love so much that she wanted to do it for free and that she was so devastated when it didn't work out. It'd be interesting to see what was going on in her life... what made her decide this was something she wanted to do.

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