I had a streak of bad luck in San Francisco...

  • First I got scammed out of $300 on the SF bus.
  • Then I twisted my ankle walking down the stairs going to the exhibition hall at OpenWorld's Moscone South
  • Then I lose my blackberry at the Deloitte Sun event at the Bently Reserve
  • And to end it all off, I went clubbing and a guy harassed me and my friend for 2 hours.

The next night, instead of going out, I went back to the hotel and stayed in in an effort to try and stay out of trouble.


What kills me is this picture, taken 5 minutes before I left the Bently Reserve.  Look verrrrry closely!! As Monique and I are goofing off with the camera and lights, there is my blackberry sitting in the background on the table behind me!!

Bye Curve... we had some fun times... I hope your new owners treat you well! :(

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