I have this love hate relationship with my newspaper subscription to the Globe & Mail.

On the one hand I love picking it up off my porch in the morning and smelling the newspaper print, it's like picking up a new suspense novel every day, you never know what's going to happen next.  It makes me feel smart knowing what's going on in the world and the crossword puzzle (especially in the Globe) gives my brain a run for it's money.

I hate it when I can't keep up with it though.  Usually because I get really busy at work and don't have time to read it and it just piles up and piles up.  Then I feel like I don't know what's going on, like I'm skipping chapters in a novel, and that I'm wasting precious environmental resources.

The order in which I read my paper:

  • First section with all the Breaking, Local and World news
  • Globe Life
  • Report on Business
  • Globe Review
  • The Obituaries section on the back of the Sports section (they feature a person who recently died but contributed extraordinary things in their lifetime)

Anyways, that's my story for today.