Forums can be such a tease sometimes.

Sometimes they help you through tough problems you can't find in help files for apps, and sometimes its just a hotbed for rumors.

I've been waiting (oh so patiently) for the new 4.5 OS and at first I read on forums that it was coming out in April 2008 (Orange in the UK already had it), but April has come and gone, and now we are in September.

All for what? HTML email? Video recording capability? Sounds minor but HTML email would be kind of nice.

And of course, Rogers has to add to the tease by making 4.5 available for practically every model (Pearl, Bold) except for the Curve. I already couldn't get the 6GB plan because it doesn't apply to BES service you can't even give me the new OS? *shakes my fist*

I did manage to find an unofficial version on the net but its a bit buggy. My video record doesn't work, and still no HTML email, but I think that has more to do with my BES than the OS, so basically I should have stuck with my old OS since the 2 things I want don't even work. The browser is better though, I guess that's some consolation :)

Either way, being a gadget geek I'm just satisfied that it says 4.5 OS on my version screen.