It's hard to gain mindshare, we are so bombarded by advertisements that the only way to cope is to block it out. Which only goes to push marketing to be that much more in your face. Consumer marketing regularly uses guerilla marketing tactics (people with screens on their backs, larger than life posters on the side of buildings, wrapped around cars, murals, just to get you to look.

Who says B2B marketing has to be boring? I want to shake up the way B2B does marketing and have always wondered how and if these tactics could be effective in B2B settings.

I just feel that B2B marketing is starting to over do it with the sell sheets, case studies, whitepapers. The impact is not as strong as it used to be, similar to the way billboards and lightboxes are losing its impact on consumers.

It's difficult though because often times it's a service we are selling. How do you posterize something that is invisible?