I downloaded Google Chrome, Google's debut web browser, last night and I've been playing with it a bit.  I probably haven't experienced it in it's entirety but I already have a short list of my likes and dislikes: Likes:

  • Being able to drag tabs from 1 Chrome window to another
  • It apparently loads fast, I didn't find Internet Explorer all that slow, but maybe it's because I rarely stray from my handful of websites
  • Loving the tabs page, with pictures of your most visited sites
  • Incognito mode.  Being able to surf pages without being tracked on the computer you're using


  • Unable to double click top left corner to close a window.  You have to use the [X] in the top right corner
  • Chrome doesn't recognize the scroll bar feature on my laptop touchpad.  It will let me drag the page down, but doesn't go back up
  • Not able to remove most visited sites items from the tabs page.  I should be able to right click and remove.  Even better would be options to 'Never put on tabs page again' and 'Remove only this time'
  • Doesn't support WYSIWYG for TypePad. Grr

That's it from me for now.  Will post again as I use it more and find more things.