ShuffleYesterday, I blogged about companies that put out ad campaigns that don't match the company's core values. Today I wanted to talk about companies that I think are close...

1) I'm not a mac user, but Apple has got it going on.  Their advertising hits all the sweet spots of their company, it actually represents their culture and mission.  They're fun, hip, innovative, easy to use.

Honestly some of their ads are so innovative.  My favorite is the iPod Shuffle.  Having no screen on an MP3 player was almost a guarantee product killer.  Give it a name like the Shuffle, advertise... Ta Da! it's random, and suddenly you have a category killer.

2) Deloitte.  It's not perfect and I might be bias because I work there but I feel that the branding really does represent the company's core beliefs.  The brand is clean, it uses a lot of whitespace and abstract perspectives.  It's traditional with a contemporary twist.  It communicates our values of integrity, casual, approachable, not stuffy.

It's important to make sure your brand image matches your client experience.  Otherwise it's like over-promising and under-delivering.  The ads lure in the customer and they expect a certain experience and when it is different from their expectation it leads to dissatisfaction.

You know how it is, where you watch a great movie trailer and you hear all this hype, you go and watch it and your expectations are so high, the movie rarely meets your expectations.  Honestly, I love going to see movies I know nothing about.  I always end up loving those movies.